Wooden Classical Tractor Toy

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Wooden Handmade Tractor

It would be not fair if we talk about traditional toys or wooden toys and not talk about this beautiful wooden tractor toy with a detachable . Tractor toys are in general a superhit with kids, and a good reason to buy this tractor is to connect them to the roots. Polished and smoothened, this made in India handmade wooden toy is definitely a great alternative to toy cars and trucks. Here’s why!

The detachable toy and the wooden tractor form our tractor toy. The tractor toy has 4 wheels where the trolley toy comes with 2 wheels and both these wooden toy vehicles are connected together using a wooden hinge. No nails and no harmful objects, which means this wooden tractor toy is a safe toy for babies. But that’s not all, since it is made from wood it is also one of the eco-friendly toys you should be having. Durable and good-looking, you can rest assured that will make a great addition to your child’s wooden toys collection.

The product also makes up for a great decor option for home. You can place it in your balcony, room, table anywhere and bring out your creative side! Use the tractor trolley as a planter or for stationary storage and we bet you will love it.

So detach it when you wish, and attach it for a bigger thrill! This tractor with trolley toy is made to bring excitement to your kid’s faces. Make sure you also check out the other wooden toy vehicles to complete the wooden toys set.

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